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UrbanGB 城市中心数据集标注的城市道路事故坐标

UrbanGB 城市中心数据集标注的城市道路事故坐标



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    Coordinates data obtained by filtering the dataset at
    Raw data originally available from, released under the Open Government Licence (
    Filtering and labelling performed by Carlo Baldassi, Bocconi University (carlo.baldassi '@', licenced under the Open Database License (

    Data Set Information:

    Please see the included file for details on the contents, format and purpose of the dataset, and the procedure used to create it.

    Attribute Information:

    The input data contains geographical coordinates in the ranges [-5.55599, 1.75834] (longitude) and [50.0797, 57.6956] (latitude). It is advisable to scale the longitude down by a factor of 1.7 for the purpose of geographical clustering.
    The labels are provided in a separate file (one label per entry, ranging from 1 to 469).
    The centroids (barycenters of each partition) are also provided, in a separate file.
    See the included file for further details.

    Relevant Papers:

    C. Baldassi, 'Recombinator-k-means: A population based algorithm that exploits k-means++ for recombination', [Web link], 2019

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    Please refer to the Machine Learning Repository's citation policy