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ChatGPT情绪分析,ChatGPT推文分类一个月 ChatGPT has been a major talk in the tech world. The tweets about chatgpt were gathered for a month and then the sentime...NLP Classification
35.27M 1269
ChatGPT Twitter数据集 This dataset contains a collection of tweets with the hashtag #chatgpt. The tweets were scraped from Twitter and cover a...NLP Classification
0.4M 1171
Tweets on ChatGPT 数据集包ChatGPT上的推文 ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI. It was launched in November 2022. The dataset contains tweets on #ChatGPT from...NLP Classification
133.86M 485
LFQA患者医生对话数据 What is Diagnose me?Diagnose me is an LFQA dataset of dialogues between patients and doctors based on factual conversati...NLP,Medical Classification
433.32M 375
蔬菜(谷歌Word2Sec新闻) Vegetables (Google Word2Vec News)...NLP,News Classification
3.73M 349
维基百科Word2Vec,Apache Spark word2vec由200K维基百科页面培训 I used Apache Spark to extract more than 6 million phrases from 200,000 English Wikipedia pages. Here is the process of...NLP,Business,Earth and Nature,Text Mining Classification
132.74M 228
Word2vec在维基百科上训练数据(单字母+双字母),以捕捉unigram和bigram 这是一个单词嵌入模型,创建于维基百科+各种来源的评论。与从基于短语的方法(不考虑相邻词的短语/双词上下文)创建双词不同,这...NLP,Computer Science,Software,Programming,Neural Networks Classification
8.62G 207
预测Reddit社区参与度数据集,GDELT帖子分类以及Sirocco文本分析(意见和实体提取) 该数据集包含3个月(2017年6月至8月)的Reddit新闻帖子,以及GDELT帖子分类以及Sirocco文本分析(意见和实体提取)的结果。它用...NLP,Computer Science,Online Communities Classification
174.09M 250
纽约时报评论,对《纽约时报》发表文章的评论,超过200万条评论 New York Times has a wide audience and plays a prominent role in shaping people's opinion and outlook on current aff...NLP,Computer Science,Programming,News Classification
1.55G 190
Facebook发布的300维预训练FastText英语单词向量 300-dimensional pretrained FastText English word vectors released by Facebook.The first line of the file contains the nu...NLP,Arts and Entertainment,Games Classification
4.52G 189
NLP Word2Vec 现有的word2vec嵌入,包括手套和谷歌新闻,用于被训练来重建单词的语言上下文 Word2vec is a group of related models that are used to produce word embeddings. These models are shallow, two-layer neur...NLP,Computer Science Classification
5.89G 205
EmojifyData数据集:1800万条英文推文,全部包含表情符号 So, me and my friend was participating IPavlov course on deep learning in NLP. As out final project we want to work on s...NLP,Online Communities,Text Data,Social Networks Classification
2.58G 370
语言生成数据集:2亿个样本,用于语言生成的已处理Amazon Review数据集 Amazon Customer Reviews Dataset is a dataset of user-generated product reviews on the shopping website Amazon. It contai...NLP,Business,Deep Learning,Classification,Artificial Intelligence Classification
20.51G 198