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用于室内定位的地磁场和WLAN数据集,来自腕带和智能手机的数据集 室内定位是环境智能(AmI)研究界的一个关键课题。在这种情况下,最近可穿戴技术的进步,特别是内置传感器的智能手表和个人设备...Physical Classification
2.88M 985
可穿戴设备计算:身体姿势和运动分类 (PUC-Rio) 数据集 重要提示:我们在“留一科目”测试中的表现较低。我们建立的性能基线指标用于 10 倍交叉验证测试。因此,在独立于主题的测试中有...Physical Text
3K 690
人类活动识别数据库 由佩戴智能手机的用户收集 人类活动识别数据库是根据30名研究参与者的记录而建立的,他们在进行携带日常生活中活动(ADL)的同时携带了带有嵌入式惯性传感...OCR/Text Detection Classification
24.5M 530
Indoor Multi-Camera Pedestrian Datasets We provide several multi-camera dataset for detection and tracking of multiple pedestrians captured within our laborator...Action/Event Detection Pose,3D Box Tracking
451M 419
Wrist PPG During Exercise AbstractThis database contains wrist PPGs recorded during walking, running and bike riding. Simultaneous motion estimate...Game 2D Box,Pose
49.8M 498
Daphnet冻结步态数据集,腿部和臀部的可穿戴加速度传感器识别步态冻结 Data Set Information:The Daphnet Freezing of Gait Dataset is a dataset devised to benchmark automatic methods to recogni...Business Classification
20.5M 732
UbiqLog(智能手机动态日志)数据集 Reza Rawassizadeh rrawassizadeh '@' University of California Riverside.Data Set Information:This is the...Computer Causal-Discovery
61.3M 711
手机价格分类数据集,划分手机价格范围 Bob has started his own mobile company. He wants to give tough fight to big companies like Apple,Samsung etc.He does not...Business,Classification Classification
181K 240
活动识别,从单个胸部加速计数据集进行活动识别 Uncalibrated Accelerometer Data are collected from 15 participantes performing 7 activities. The dataset provides challe...Others Classification
44.25M 288