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诈骗类短信分类 诈骗类短信分类...OCR/Text Detection,Multiclass Classification Text
0.81M 335
将验证码图像转换成文本的数据集 ContextEverytime I read a paper or anything abut image processing the examples are always easy and most of time don'...NLP,Text Data Classification
9.1M 395
文本语料数据集,包含所有《宋飞》剧集脚本的文本语料库 ContextSeinfeld is my favorite TV show. I wrote a script to scrape the scripts of all Seinfeld episodes from the site se...Text Data Classification
1.41M 360
Twitter情绪分析数据集 ContextThe objective of this task is to detect hate speech in tweets. For the sake of simplicity, we say a tweet contain...Classification,Social Networks Classification
1.89M 458
墨尔本Airbnb家庭旅馆的活动数据集 ContextMelbourne was announced as 6th on the list of top ten cities for users globally in 2016 and has been one of the t...Hotels and Accommodations,Australia Classification
120M 305
2019 NFL球探组合 Software,Sports,Text Data Classification
0.02M 285
140万条手机评论数据集,所有品牌手机的评级和评论 这个数据集包括7个csv数据文件,其中共有140万个不同品牌手机的用户评分和评论。...Ratings and Reviews Classification
131M 593
20新闻组 Text Data Classification
91.46M 203
新闻数据 Business,News,Politics,Text Data Classification
4.31M 193
中等故事 Business,Literature,Text Data Classification
634.48M 168
天气信息 Text Data Classification
0.01M 175
材料曲线深度学习 Education,Deep Learning,Text Data Classification
52.76M 188
《旧金山纪事报》文章数据集 News,Politics,Text Data,Text Mining Classification
0.93M 192
推特数据集#AvengersEndgame Business,Internet,Online Communities,Social Networks,Text Data,Text Mining Classification
4.54M 203
PLastiCC 我提取的功能 Tabular Data,Feature Engineering Classification
2283.68M 187
埃德加兰坡完成工作 Text Data Classification
2.5M 173
监督比赛数据: 7 个赛季 Games,Video Games,Text Data Classification
0.7M 176
数据帧中的推特 Computer Science,Social Networks,Email and Messaging,Text Data Classification
22.26M 324
科幻故事文本公司 Literature,Text Data,Linguistics Classification
142.41M 200
兰尔功能 Tabular Data Classification
221.15M 227