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新植物病害数据集,包含不同健康和不健康作物叶片的图像数据集 该数据集由大约87K rgb的健康和患病作物叶片图像组成,这些图像被分为38个不同的类别。整个数据集被分成80/20比例的训练和验证集...Agriculture 2D Box
3G 1131
广陈皮三维荧光光谱数据集 在2021年采集了2012、2015、2019年的广陈皮三维荧光光谱,在广陈皮正面和反面分别取点,每一年份在正面和反面分别采集两组数据,...Medicine Text
1.63M 416
苹果植物病害数据集,用于实施D-KAP网络的苹果植物病害数据集 我们只考虑了三种常见的病害,即苹果赤霉病、苹果腐烂病和交链孢叶斑病。大多数数据是从克什米尔山谷的果园收集的,用于教育和研...Agriculture 2D Box
27.5M 465
大豆.叶.数据集,毛虫和Diabrotica Speciosa危害大豆叶片,5万份大豆样本 For this dataset, we used 50k soybean samples collected from thematic maps produced by the Global Land AnalysisDiscovery...Agriculture Classification
822M 670
大豆作物杂草检测,将植物图像分为4类 From the set of images captured by the UAV, all those with occurrence of weeds were selected resulting a total of 400 im...Earth and Nature Classification
2.36G 545
植物幼苗数据集 不同生长阶段的作物和杂草幼苗的图像 这个数据集包含5,539张作物和杂草幼苗的图像。如上图所示,这些图像被归入12个类别。这些类别代表了丹麦农业中常见的植物种类。...Agriculture 2D Box
3.19G 715
叶片病害 转发分享...Agriculture 2D Panoptic Segmentation
87.26M 731
2018年农作物病害数据集 训练图像总数为32768张,验证图像总数为4992张,测试集A图像总数为4959张;...Agriculture 2D Box
3.23G 754
水稻数据集 水稻数据集...CNN 2D Box
76.8M 379
病虫害文本描述数据集 Person,Time Series Analysis,TensorFlow Text
0.1M 637
小麦叶片病害 小麦白粉病、叶锈病和条锈病3种病害...Agriculture No Label
25.78M 281
毛里求斯大学农场附近的植物树叶数据集 Data Set Information:- The leaves were placed on a white background and then photographed. - The pictures were taken in...Agriculture Classification
1.8G 605
FruitVeg-81 Dataset 水果和蔬菜数据集 该杂货数据集已在MANGO(营养增强和食品意识的移动增强现实)项目中收集。它包含15737张图像(最长的一面调整为512px),总下载...Agriculture Classification
3.2G 4968
用于农田分类的融合双时相光学雷达数据集 Data Set Information:This big data set is a fused bi-temporal optical-radar data for cropland classification. The images...Agriculture Classification
151.74M 712
水稻叶子感染的不同的疾病类数据集 The dataset was created by manually separating infected leaves into different disease classes.We had consulted the farme...Agriculture Classification
14.88G 2493
植物幼苗数据集,包含大约960种独特植物的图像 The Plant Seedlings Dataset contains images of approximately 960 unique plants belonging to12 species at several growth...Agriculture Classification
3.22G 521
大豆作物中杂草的检测数据集 From the set of images captured by the UAV, all those with occurrence of weeds were selectedresulting a total of 400 ima...Agriculture 2D Polygon
2.37G 576
在受控环境下的枣树图像数据集 This dataset contains single date fruit images taken in a controlled environment.Data CollectionA controlled environment...Agriculture Classification
3.3G 546
印度棉花生产数据集 印度棉花生产数据集...Others Classification
2K 627
养鱼场监测数据 养鱼场监测数据...Others Classification
2.76M 418