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    Original source:

    NASA: Mr. Roger Burke's autolander design team


    Bojan Cestnik
    Jozef Stefan Institute
    Jamova 39
    61000 Ljubljana
    Yugoslavia (tel.: (38)(+61) 214-399 ext.287)

    Data Set Information:

    This is a tiny database.  Michie reports that Burke's group used RULEMASTER to generate comprehendable rules for determining the conditions under which an autolanding would be preferable to manual control of the spacecraft.

    Attribute Information:

    1. Class: noauto, auto
          -- that is, advise using manual/automatic control
       2. STABILITY: stab, xstab
       3. ERROR: XL, LX, MM, SS
       4. SIGN: pp, nn
       5. WIND: head, tail
       6. MAGNITUDE: Low, Medium, Strong, OutOfRange
       7. VISIBILITY: yes, no

    Relevant Papers:

    Michie,D. (1988).  The Fifth Generation's Unbridged Gap. In Rolf Herken (Ed.) The Universal Turing Machine: A Half-Century Survey, 466-489, Oxford University Press.

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