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    Image cropping is a common operation used to improve the visual quality of photographs
    This dataset was used in this paper, which presents an approach for automatic image cropping.
    The photos are of varying aesthetic quality and span a variety of image categories, including animal, architecture, human, landscape, night, plant and man-made objects. Each image is manually cropped by three expert photographers (graduate students in art whose primary medium is photography) to form three training sets.
    The dataset is intended for research purposes only and as such cannot be used commercially. In addition, reference must be made to the following publications when this dataset is used in any academic and research reports.


    1. Learning the Change for Automatic Image Cropping                                
      J. Yan, S. Lin, S. B. Kang, X. Tang
      in Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2013 (CVPR)

    Related Work

          Image Aesthetic Assessment: An Experimental Survey                
          Y. Deng, C. C. Loy, X. Tang  
          IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 2017, accepted (SPM)