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    Data Set Information:

    This loop sensor data was collected for the Glendale on ramp for the 101 North freeway in Los Angeles.  It is close enough to the stadium to see unusual traffic after a Dodgers game, but not so close and heavily used by game traffic so that the signal for the extra traffic is overly obvious.

    NOTE: This is an on ramp near the stadium so event traffic BEGINS at or near the END of the event time.
    The observations were taken over 25 weeks, 288 time slices per day (5 minute count aggregates). 
    The goal is to predict the presence of a baseball game at Dodgers stadium

    Attribute Information:

    1.  Date: MM/DD/YY
    2.  Time: (H)H:MM (military time)
    3.  Count: Number of cars measured for the previous five minutes
    Rows: Each five minute time slice is represented by one row

    For .events file:
    1.  Date: MM/DD/YY
    2.  Begin event time: HH:MM:SS (military)
    3.  End event time: HH:MM:SS (military)
    4.  Game attendance
    5.  Away team
    6.  W/L score

    Relevant Papers:

    "Adaptive event detection with time-varying Poisson processes"
    A. Ihler, J. Hutchins, and P. Smyth
    Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGKDD Conference (KDD-06), August 2006.

    Citation Request:

    These loop sensor measurements were obtained from the Freeway Performance Measurement System (PeMS), "[Web link]"  Please include this citation if you plan to use this database.

    Creator and Maintainer:
    Jon Hutchins
    johutchi '@'

    Donor: PeMS