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    Vicky Malhotra
    MIT, Boston

    Data Set Information:

    Your client is a meal delivery company which operates in multiple cities. They have various fulfillment centers in these cities for dispatching meal orders to their customers. The client wants you to help these centers with demand forecasting for upcoming weeks so that these centers will plan the stock of raw materials accordingly.

    The replenishment of majority of raw materials is done on weekly basis and since the raw material is perishable, the procurement planning is of utmost importance. Secondly, staffing of the centers is also one area wherein accurate demand forecasts are really helpful. Given the following information, the task is to predict the demand for the next 10 weeks (Weeks: 146-155) for the center-meal combinations in the test set:

    Historical data of demand for a product-center combination (Weeks: 1 to 145)
    Product(Meal) features such as category, sub-category, current price and discount
    Information for fulfillment center like center area, city information etc.

    Attribute Information:

    Weekly Demand data (train.csv): Contains the historical demand data for all centers, test.csv contains all the following features except the target variable

    Variable Definition
    id Unique ID
    week Week No
    center_id Unique ID for fulfillment center
    meal_id Unique ID for Meal
    checkout_price Final price including discount, taxes & delivery charges
    base_price Base price of the meal
    emailer_for_promotion Emailer sent for promotion of meal
    homepage_featured Meal featured at homepage
    num_orders (Target) Orders Count

    fulfilment_center_info.csv: Contains information for each fulfilment center

    Variable Definition
    center_id Unique ID for fulfillment center
    city_code Unique code for city
    region_code Unique code for region
    center_type Anonymized center type
    op_area Area of operation (in km^2)

    meal_info.csv: Contains information for each meal being served

    Variable Definition
    meal_id Unique ID for the meal
    category Type of meal (beverages/snacks/soupsa€|.)
    cuisine Meal cuisine (Indian/Italian/a€|)

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