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数据结构 ? 2.99M

    Data Structure ?

    * 以上分析是由系统提取分析形成的结果,具体实际数据为准。

    Context Each American Bar Association (ABA) approved law school must file a yearly standard 509 disclosure with the ABA. The disclosure reflects self-report data from the law school and this dataset is a compilation of such disclosures. Content Each table reflects a different subject. For example, one table reveals bar passage data by school; while another highlights admissions information such the as number of offers of admissions and acceptances, along with the undergraduate GPA of incoming classes. The data covers 2010 - 2017. The datasets' meat lies in the ABA_Admissions and ABA_Bar_Passage_Jurisdiction files. These files allow you to spot relationships between a law school's admissions criteria and its bar passage rate. Background information on the United States bar exam might help when dissecting this variable. Each state in the US creates its own bar exam and each state's exam is administered twice a year. Therefore, the bar exam rate is the average rate in the given state between the two tests in the specified year. When comparing a school's bar exam pass rate and its admissions factors, keep in mind that the admissions factors in a year represent those of the incoming class. This class will take the bar exam three years later. Therefore, when merging admissions and bar exam data, add three years to the reported admissions year. This will align the admissions factors with the cohort taking the bar exam. Acknowledgements The data originates with the ABA. AccessLex then takes the data and organizes it into Excel and csv files. This dataset springs from AccessLex's [public repository][1] of ABA data. Inspiration Can you pick apart bar exam success? Which states have the most difficult bar exam, when controlling for admissions factors? Which school-level factors best predict an institution's bar exam success? The tables titled 'ABA_BarPassage_Jurisdiction' and 'ABA_Admissions' are good places to start. But, don't feel limited to admissions factors and bar exam results. There is plenty of data to explore. [1]:



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