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教育环境数据集中软件工程团队合作评估数据 Data Set Information:The data can be used to try to predict student learning in SE teamwork based on observation of thei...Action/Event Detection Classification
399K 447
教育背景下软件工程团队合作评估数据集 Prof. D. Petkovic (SFSU) Petkovic '@'; Prof. Rainer Todtenhoefer (Fulda University, Germany); Prof. Shi...Computer Classification
399M 429
教育过程挖掘(EPM):学习分析数据集 Data Set Information:The experiments have been carried out with a group of 115 students of first-year, undergraduate Eng...Computer Classification
4.7M 604
352个从不同来源收集的双变量数值数据集 Data Set Information:[Please note the use of Latex format here for algebraic expressions. See Leslie Lamport, Latex: A D...Physical Text
52K 305
教学助理评估数据集 Collector: Wei-Yin Loh (Department of Statistics, UW-Madison)Donor:Tjen-Sien Lim (limt '@' Se...N/A Classification
1K 424
大学基础信息数据集 Original Owner: unknownDonor: Steve Souders souders '@' ads.comData Set Information:Format: Each observation con...N/A Classification
16K 423
德黑兰大学问题数据集2016(UTQD.2016)数据集 Mohammad Razzaghnoori/Dept. of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, College of Science, University of Tehran/m....N/A Classification
107K 383
Censo Escolar 2018年 Education,Primary and Secondary Schools Classification
3.16M 157
编码 Enem 2 Education,Primary and Secondary Schools,Regression Classification
12.8M 166
纽约高中数据 Primary and Secondary Schools Classification
29.66M 214
MaKeene学习2018数据集 Education Classification
4.5M 171
uts 02型 Universities and Colleges Classification
257.7M 152
哈伯曼.csv Education Classification
0M 148
CSE517里程碑1数据 Education Classification
0M 202
学生调查 Education Classification
0M 191
2011年印度7岁人口的教育水平 Education,Social Science Classification
0.89M 170
数学在几分钟内 Primary and Secondary Schools Classification
0.67M 168
microdados censo escolar 2016 Primary and Secondary Schools Classification
14838.5M 158
microdados censo escolar 2014 Primary and Secondary Schools Classification
16264.1M 163
打开大学学习分析数据集 Education,Universities and Colleges Classification
442.86M 181