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Education,Primary and Secondary Schools Classification

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    * 以上分析是由系统提取分析形成的结果,具体实际数据为准。

    **Context** Practice Scenario: The UIW School of Engineering wants to recruit more students into their program. They will recruit students with great math scores. Also, to increase the chances of recruitment,? the department will look for students who qualify for financial aid. Students who qualify for financial aid more than likely come from low socio-economic backgrounds. One way to indicate this is to view how much federal revenue a school district receives through its state. High federal revenue for a school indicates that a large portion of the student base comes from low incomes families. **Column Notes:** All data comes from the school year 2017. Individual schools are not represented, only school districts within each state. **Finance** t_fed_rev: Total federal revenue through the state to each school district. C14- Federal revenue through the state- Title 1 (no child left behind act). C25- Federal revenue through the state- Child Nutrition Act. Title 1 is a program implemented in schools to help raise academic achievement ?for all students. The program is available to schools where at least 40% of the students come from low incom??e families. Child Nutrition Programs ensure the children are getting the food they need to grow and learn. Schools with high federal revenue to these programs indicate students that also come from low income? families. **Math Scores** Mathematics, Grade 8, 2017, All Students (Total) average_scale_score: The state's average score for eighth graders taking the NAEP math exam. ##**Data Processing** Finance: Math Scores: **Acknowledgements** Data is sourced from The U.S Census Bureau and The Nations Report Card (using the NAEP Data Explorer).



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