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Cargo2000货运跟踪数据集 Data Set Information:A description of the underlying Cargo 2000 standard and the processes reflected in the data set can...Business Classification
1.1M 462
MIT Cars 汽车图像数据 综合汽车(CompCars)数据集包含来自两个场景的数据,包括来自网络性质和监视性质的图像。网络自然数据包含163辆汽车,1,716辆车...Autonomous Driving 2D Box
17.84M 956
Stanford Cars汽车图像数据集 包含196类汽车的16185个图像 该汽车数据集包含196类汽车的16185个图像。数据分为8,144个训练图像和8,041个测试图像,其中每个类别大致分为50-50个分割。课程...Autonomous Driving 2D Box
114.45M 1771
牛津大学 RobotCar 自动驾驶数据集 这一数据集包含牛津大学从 2014 年 4 月到 2015 年 12 月间通过牛津 RobotCar 平台(使用日产 LEAF 自动驾驶汽车)平均每周在牛...Autonomous Driving Classification
1.1G 568
Cars Dataset 汽车数据集 Cars 数据集包含 196 类汽车的 16,185 张图像。数据分为 8,144 张训练图像和 8,041 张测试图像,其中每个类别大致分为 50-50 个...Autonomous Driving 2D Keypoints
1.82G 1282
VOice ICar fEDerico II Database The healthy voices or the presence of each vocal fold's disorders were clinically verified by the medical experts involv...Person,Medical Audio
110.1M 458
St Petersburg INCART 12-lead Arrhythmia Database This database consists of 75 annotated recordings extracted from 32 Holter records. Each record is 30 minutes long and c...Medical 2D Box
563.5M 522
Sudden Cardiac Death Holter Database An estimated 400,000 Americans, and millions more worldwide, die suddenly each year. These events are most often initiat...Medical 2D Polyline
1.1G 376
CTU-CHB Intrapartum Cardiotocography Database This database, from the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague and the University Hospital in Brno (UHB), contains 5...Medical 2D Box,Classification
38.3M 388
mercarinn1 mercarinn1的数据集数据结构为:submission_embednn.cs...Others Classification
5.18M 219
mercari-ensemble mercari-ensemble的数据集数据结构为:...Others Classification
41.67M 231
Mercari解决方案 #数据集该数据集由Eldar Tinjic#Contents创建,其中包含以下文件:...Others Classification
21.08M 242
Mercari训练集 #数据集该数据集由sujithramkotagiri创建,内容包括以下文件:...Others Classification
128M 249
Mercari Stage1 #数据集该数据集由Shashank Kumar创建,发布于CC0:Public Domain#Contents下。它包含以下文件:...Others Classification
189M 267
mercari数据集 #数据集此数据集由Nishant Kumar创建,发布于CC0:公共域#目录下。它包含以下文件:Version1(22.54 MB)calendar_view_weekauc-va...Others Classification
9.72M 226
testcar Others Classification
3.79M 215
mercari 180115年01 Others Classification
17.48M 230
mercari Others Classification
469.24M 220
Mercari价格建议 Others Classification
21.6M 225
469.24M 229