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    The dataset was created by Tactile Srl, Brescia, Italy ( and donated in 1994 to Semeion Research Center of Sciences of Communication, Rome, Italy (, for machine learning research.

    For any questions, e-mail Massimo Buscema (m.buscema '@' or Stefano Terzi (s.terzi '@'

    Data Set Information:

    1593 handwritten digits from around 80 persons were scanned, stretched in a rectangular box 16x16 in a gray scale of 256 values.Then each pixel of each image was scaled into a bolean (1/0) value using a fixed threshold.

    Each person wrote on a paper all the digits from 0 to 9, twice. The commitment was to write the digit the first time in the normal way (trying to write each digit accurately) and the second time in a fast way (with no accuracy).

    The best validation protocol for this dataset seems to be a 5x2CV, 50% Tune (Train +Test) and completly blind 50% Validation

    Attribute Information:

    This dataset consists of 1593 records (rows) and 256 attributes (columns).

    Each record represents a handwritten digit, orginally scanned with a resolution of 256 grays scale (28).

    Each pixel of the each original scanned image was first stretched,  and after scaled between 0 and 1 (setting to 0 every pixel whose value was under tha value 127 of the grey scale (127 included) and setting to 1 each pixel whose orinal value in the grey scale was over 127).

    Finally, each binary image was scaled again into a 16x16 square box (the final 256 binary attributes).

    Relevant Papers:

    M Buscema, metaNet: The Theory of Independent Judges, in Substance Use & Misuse 33(2)1998, pp 439-461.

    Citation Request:

    Semeion Research Center of Sciences of Communication, via Sersale 117, 00128 Rome, Italy
    Tattile Via Gaetano Donizetti, 1-3-5,25030 Mairano (Brescia), Italy.