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    Nuno Moniz
    LIAAD - INESC Tec; Sciences College, University of Porto
    Email: nmmoniz '@'

    Data Set Information:

    A data set describing the evolution of results in the Portuguese Parliamentary Elections of October 6th 2019.
    The data spans a time interval of 4 hours and 25 minutes, in intervals of 5 minutes, concerning the results of the 27 parties involved in the electoral event.
    The data set is tailored for predictive modelling tasks, mostly focused on numerical forecasting tasks.
    Regardless, it allows for other tasks such as ordinal regression or learn-to-rankProvide a short description of your data set (less than 200 characters).

    Additional (and updated) information may be found in [Web link] :
    - Raw data sets
    - R code to build the final data set
    - Basic operations to build predictive modelling tasks using this data set

    Attribute Information:

    TimeElapsed (Numeric): Time (minutes) passed since the first data acquisition
    time (timestamp): Date and time of the data acquisition
    territoryName (string): Short name of the location (district or nation-wide)
    totalMandates (numeric): MP's elected at the moment
    availableMandates (numeric): MP's left to elect at the moment
    numParishes (numeric): Total number of parishes in this location
    numParishesApproved (numeric): Number of parishes approved in this location
    blankVotes (numeric): Number of blank votes
    blankVotesPercentage (numeric): Percentage of blank votes
    nullVotes (numeric): Number of null votes
    nullVotesPercentage (numeric): Percentage of null votes
    votersPercentage (numeric): Percentage of voters
    subscribedVoters (numeric): Number of subscribed voters in the location
    totalVoters (numeric): Percentage of blank votes
    pre.blankVotes (numeric): Number of blank votes (previous election)
    pre.blankVotesPercentage (numeric): Percentage of blank votes (previous election)
    pre.nullVotes (numeric): Number of null votes (previous election)
    pre.nullVotesPercentage (numeric): Percentage of null votes (previous election)
    pre.votersPercentage (numeric): Percentage of voters (previous election)
    pre.subscribedVoters (numeric): Number of subscribed voters in the location (previous election)
    pre.totalVoters (numeric): Percentage of blank votes (previous election)
    Party (string): Political Party
    Mandates (numeric): MP's elected at the moment for the party in a given district
    Percentage (numeric): Percentage of votes in a party
    validVotesPercentage (numeric): Percentage of valid votes in a party
    Votes (numeric): Percentage of party votes
    Hondt (numeric): Number of MP's according to the distribution of votes now
    FinalMandates (numeric): Target: final number of elected MP's in a district/national-level

    Relevant Papers:

    Nuno Moniz (2019) Real-time 2019 Portuguese Parliament Election Results Dataset. arXiv

    Code + Data in [Web link]

    Citation Request:

    Nuno Moniz (2019) Real-time 2019 Portuguese Parliament Election Results Dataset. arXiv