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Computer Classification

Data Set Information:The 5473 examples comes from 54 distinct documents. Each observation concerns one block. All attrib......

数据结构 ? 103K

    Data Structure ?

    * 以上分析是由系统提取分析形成的结果,具体实际数据为准。

    Data Set Information:

    The 5473 examples comes from 54 distinct documents. Each observation concerns one block. All attributes are numeric. Data are in a format readable by C4.5.

    Attribute Information:

    height:   integer.         | Height of the block.
      lenght:   integer.     | Length of the block.
      area:     integer.    | Area of the block (height * lenght);
      eccen:    continuous.  | Eccentricity of the block (lenght / height);
      p_black:  continuous.  | Percentage of black pixels within the block (blackpix / area);
      p_and:    continuous.        | Percentage of black pixels after the application of the Run Length Smoothing Algorithm (RLSA) (blackand / area);
      mean_tr:  continuous.      | Mean number of white-black transitions (blackpix / wb_trans);
      blackpix: integer.    | Total number of black pixels in the original bitmap of the block.
      blackand: integer.        | Total number of black pixels in the bitmap of the block after the RLSA.
      wb_trans: integer.          | Number of white-black transitions in the original bitmap of the block.

    Relevant Papers:

    Malerba, D., Esposito, F., and Semeraro, G. "A Further Comparison of Simplification Methods for Decision-Tree Induction." In D. Fisher and H. Lenz (Eds.), "Learning  from data: Artificial Intelligence and Statistics V", Lecture Notes in Statistics, Springer Verlag, Berlin, 1995.
    [Web link]

    Esposito F., Malerba D., & Semeraro G. Multistrategy Learning for document Recognition. Applied Artificial Intelligence, 8, pp. 33-84, 1994
    [Web link]

    Papers That Cite This Data Set1:

    Steven Eschrich and Nitesh V. Chawla and Lawrence O. Hall. Generalization Methods in Bioinformatics. BIOKDD. 2002.  [View Context].

    Adil M. Bagirov and Julien Ugon. An algorithm for computation of piecewise linear function separating two sets. CIAO, School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences, The University of Ballarat.  [View Context].

    C. Titus Brown and Harry W. Bullen and Sean P. Kelly and Robert K. Xiao and Steven G. Satterfield and John G. Hagedorn and Judith E. Devaney. Visualization and Data Mining in an 3D Immersive Environment: Summer Project 2003.  [View Context].

    Citation Request:

    Please refer to the Machine Learning Repository's citation policy

    Original Owner:

    Donato Malerba
    Dipartimento di Informatica
    University of Bari
    via Orabona 4
    70126 Bari - Italy
    phone: +39 - 80 - 5443269
    fax: +39 - 80 - 5443196
    malerbad '@'


    Donato Malerba




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