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Person,Action/Event Detection Classification

Data Set Information:该数据集由从7个手势视频中提取的特征组成,旨在研究手势相位分割。每个视频由两个文件表示:一个原始文件......

数据结构 ? 1.9M

    Data Structure ?

    * 以上分析是由系统提取分析形成的结果,具体实际数据为准。

    Data Set Information:



    Attribute Information:

    Raw files: 18 numeric attributes (double), a timestamp and a class attribute (nominal).
    Processed files: 32 numeric attributes (double) and a class attribute (nominal).
    A feature vector with up to 50 numeric attributes can be generated with the two files mentioned above.

    Relevant Papers:

    1.  Madeo, R. C. B. ; Lima, C. A. M. ; PERES, S. M. . Gesture Unit Segmentation using Support Vector Machines: Segmenting
          Gestures from Rest Positions. In: Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), 2013, Coimbra. Proceedings of the 28th Annual
          ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), 2013. p. 46-52.
          * In this paper, the videos A1 and A2 were studied.

      2.  Wagner, P. K. ; PERES, S. M. ; Madeo, R. C. B. ; Lima, C. A. M. ; Freitas, F. A. . Gesture Unit Segmentation Using
          Spatial-Temporal Information and Machine Learning. In: 27th Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference
          (FLAIRS), 2014, Pensacola Beach. Proceedings of the 27th Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference
          (FLAIRS). Palo Alto : The AAAI Press, 2014. p. 101-106.
          * In this paper, the videos A1, A2, A3, B1, B3, C1 and C3 were studied.

      3.  Madeo, R. C. B.. Support Vector Machines and Gesture Analysis: incorporating temporal aspects  (in Portuguese). Master
          Thesis - Universidade de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Researcher Foundation. 2013.
          * In this document, the videos named B1 and B3 in the document correspond to videos C1 and C3 in this dataset. only
          five videos were explored in this document: A1, A2, A3, C1 and C3.

      4.  Wagner, P. K. ; Madeo, R. C. B. ; PERES, S. M. ; Lima, C. A. M. . Segmenta?§ao de Unidades Gestuais com Multilayer
          Perceptrons (in Portuguese). In: Encontro Nacional de Inteligencia Artificial e Computacional (ENIAC), 2013, Fortaleza.
          Anais do X Encontro Nacional de Inteligencia Artificial e Computacional (ENIAC), 2013.
          * In this paper, the videos A1, A2 and A3 were studied.

    Citation Request:

    Please refer to the Machine Learning Repository's citation policy.
    Additionally, the authors require a citation to one or more publications from those cited as relevant papers.

        Renata Cristina Barros Madeo (Madeo, R. C. B.)
        Priscilla Koch Wagner (Wagner, P. K.)
        Sarajane Marques Peres (Peres, S. M.)
        {, priscilla.wagner, sarajane} at

        University of Sao Paulo - Brazil




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