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    Data Set Information:

    For Further information about the variables see the file in the data folder.

    Attribute Information:

    1. Node: This is the number of the sending node (numeric).
    2. Utilized Bandwidth Rate: This is the normalization of a€?Used_Bandidtha€? (numeric).
    3. Packet Drop Rate: This is the normalization of a€?Percentage_Of_Lost_Pcaket_Ratea€? (numeric).
    4. Reserved_Bandwidth: Initial reserved Bandwidth assigned (given) to each node, the user (usr) in the experiments assign these values. (numeric).
    5. Average_Delay_Time_Per_Sec:  Average Delay Time (per second) for each node. This is (End-to End Delay). (numeric).
    6. Percentage_Of_Lost_Pcaket_Rate: Percentage of Packets Drop Rate for each node (numeric).
    7. Percentage_Of_Lost_Byte_Rate: Percentage of Lost Byte Rate for each node (numeric).
    8. Packet Received Rate: Total received packets (per second) for each node based on a€?Reserved_Bandwidtha€? (numeric).
    9. Used_Bandwidth: This is what each node could reserve from the a€?Reserved_Bandwidtha€? (numeric).
    10. Lost_Bandwidth: The amount of lost Bandwidth by each node from a€?Reserved_Bandwidtha€? (numeric).
    11. Packet Size_Byte: Packets size in Byte assigned specifically for each node to transmit. Note: 60 Byte will be added to the 1440 for the IP Header and the UDP Header ((Data size 1440 Byte) + (IP Header 40 Byte) + (UDP Header 20 Byte)) =1500 Byte (numeric).
    12. Packet_Transmitted: Total transmitted packets (per second) for each node based on the a€?Reserved_Bandwidtha€? (numeric).
    13. Packet_Received: Total received packets (per second) for each node based on the a€?Reserved_Bandwidtha€? (numeric).
    14. Packet_lost: Total lost packets (per second) for each node, which based on the a€?Lost_Bandwidtha€? (numeric).
    15. Transmitted_Byte: Total transmitted Byte (per second) for each node (numeric).
    16. Received_Byte: Total received Byte (per second) for each node based on the a€?Reserved_Bandwidtha€? (numeric).
    17. 10-Run-AVG-Drop-Rate: Average packet drop rate for 10 consecutive (run) iterations (numeric).
    18. 10-Run-AVG-Bandwidth-Use: Average Bandwidth utilized for 10 consecutive (run) iterations (numeric).
    19. 10-Run-Delay: Average delay time for 10 consecutive (run) iterations (numeric).
    20. Node Status' {B, NB, P NB}: initial classification of nodes based on a€?Packet Drop Ratea€?, Used_Bandwidth and a€?Average_Delay_Time_Per_Seca€?. B = Behaving, NB = Not Behaving and P NB = Potentially Not Behaving. (Categorical)
    21. Flood Status: Percentage of flood per node based on a€?Packet Drop Ratea€? Medium and high level of BHP flood attack in case B (numeric).
    22. Class ' {NB-No Block, Block, No Block, NB-Wait}: The final classification of nodes based on a€?Packet Drop Ratea€?, a€?Reserved_Bandwidtha€?, a€?Iteration #a€?, a€?Used_Bandwidtha€?, a€?Packet Drop Ratea€?. This is for case B (Categorical ).

    Relevant Papers:

    A. Rajab, C. T. Huang, M. Alshargabi, and J. Cobb, a€?Countering Burst Header Packet Flooding Attack in Optical Burst Switching Network,a€? In: International Conference on Information Security Practice and Experience, Springer International Publishing, pp. 315a€“329, Nov 16 2016.

    Citation Request:

    Please refer to the Machine Learning Repository's citation policy

    Adel Rajab
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
    University of South Carolina,
    Columbia, SC, USA, 29208
    Phone number:(803)238-6657
    rajaba '@'