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Music Analysis

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    Donor of database:     

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    Attribute Information:

    Number of Attributes: 6 (nominal) per event

    (a) start-time, measured in 16th notes from chorale beginning (time 0)
    (b) pitch, MIDI number (60 = C4, 61 = C#4, 72 = C5, etc.)
    (c) duration, measured in 16th notes
    (d) key signature, number of sharps or flats, positive if key signature has sharps, negative if key signature has flats
    (e) time signature, in 16th notes per bar
    (f) fermata, true or false depending on whether event is under a fermata

    Attribute domains (all integers):

    (a) {0,1,2,...}
    (b) {60,...,75}
    (c) {1,...,16}
    (d) {-4,...,+4}
    (e) {12,16}
    (f) {0,1}

    Relevant Papers:

    Conklin, Darrell and Witten, Ian.  1995.  Multiple Viewpoint Systems for Music Prediction.  Journal of New Music Research.  24(1):51-73.
    [Web link]

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    Citation Request:

    Please refer to the Machine Learning Repository's citation policy

    Chorales: Mainous and Ottman edition.Mainous, Frank D. and Robert W. Ottman, eds. 1966.
    The 371 Bach Chorales.  Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York.

    Original Owners of Database:

    Darrell Conklin
    ZymoGenetics Inc.
    1201 Eastlake Avenue East
    Seattle WA, 98102
    conklin '@'