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固有唤醒词数据库 HI-MIA

固有唤醒词数据库 HI-MIA


Music Analysis

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    The data is used in AISHELL Speaker Verification Challenge 2019. It is extracted from a larger database called AISHELL-WakeUp-1.

    The contents are wake-up words "Hi, Mia" in both Chinese and English. The data is collected in real home environment using microphone arrays and Hi-Fi microphone. The collection process and development of a baseline system was described in the paper below. The data used in the challenge is extracted from 1 Hi-Fi microphone and 16-channel circular microphone arrays for 1/3/5 meters. And the contents are the Chinese wake-up words. The whole set is divided into train (254 people), dev (42 people) and test (44 people) subsets. Test subset is provided with paired target/non-target answer to evaluate verification results.

    You can cite the data using the following BibTeX entry:

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