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Real Estate Classification

File descriptionstrain.csv - the training settest.csv - the test setdata_description.txt - full description of each colu......

数据结构 ? 199K

    Data Structure ?

    * 以上分析是由系统提取分析形成的结果,具体实际数据为准。

    File descriptions

    • train.csv - the training set

    • test.csv - the test set

    • data_description.txt - full description of each column, originally prepared by Dean De Cock but lightly edited to match the column names used here

    • sample_submission.csv - a benchmark submission from a linear regression on year and month of sale, lot square footage, and number of bedrooms

    Data fields

    Here's a brief version of what you'll find in the data description file.

    • SalePrice - the property's sale price in dollars. This is the target variable that you're trying to predict.

    • MSSubClass: The building class

    • MSZoning: The general zoning classification

    • LotFrontage: Linear feet of street connected to property

    • LotArea: Lot size in square feet

    • Street: Type of road access

    • Alley: Type of alley access

    • LotShape: General shape of property

    • LandContour: Flatness of the property

    • Utilities: Type of utilities available

    • LotConfig: Lot configuration

    • LandSlope: Slope of property

    • Neighborhood: Physical locations within Ames city limits

    • Condition1: Proximity to main road or railroad

    • Condition2: Proximity to main road or railroad (if a second is present)

    • BldgType: Type of dwelling

    • HouseStyle: Style of dwelling

    • OverallQual: Overall material and finish quality

    • OverallCond: Overall condition rating

    • YearBuilt: Original construction date

    • YearRemodAdd: Remodel date

    • RoofStyle: Type of roof

    • RoofMatl: Roof material

    • Exterior1st: Exterior covering on house

    • Exterior2nd: Exterior covering on house (if more than one material)

    • MasVnrType: Masonry veneer type

    • MasVnrArea: Masonry veneer area in square feet

    • ExterQual: Exterior material quality

    • ExterCond: Present condition of the material on the exterior

    • Foundation: Type of foundation

    • BsmtQual: Height of the basement

    • BsmtCond: General condition of the basement

    • BsmtExposure: Walkout or garden level basement walls

    • BsmtFinType1: Quality of basement finished area

    • BsmtFinSF1: Type 1 finished square feet

    • BsmtFinType2: Quality of second finished area (if present)

    • BsmtFinSF2: Type 2 finished square feet

    • BsmtUnfSF: Unfinished square feet of basement area

    • TotalBsmtSF: Total square feet of basement area

    • Heating: Type of heating

    • HeatingQC: Heating quality and condition

    • CentralAir: Central air conditioning

    • Electrical: Electrical system

    • 1stFlrSF: First Floor square feet

    • 2ndFlrSF: Second floor square feet

    • LowQualFinSF: Low quality finished square feet (all floors)

    • GrLivArea: Above grade (ground) living area square feet

    • BsmtFullBath: basement full bathrooms

    • BsmtHalfBath: basement half bathrooms

    • FullBath: Full bathrooms above grade

    • HalfBath: Half baths above grade

    • BedroomAbvGr: Bedrooms above grade (does NOT include basement bedrooms)

    • KitchenAbvGr: Kitchens above grade

    • KitchenQual: Kitchen quality

    • TotRmsAbvGrd: Total rooms above grade (does not include bathrooms)

    • Functional: Home functionality rating

    • Fireplaces: Number of fireplaces

    • FireplaceQu: Fireplace quality

    • GarageType: Garage location

    • GarageYrBlt: Year garage was built

    • GarageFinish: Interior finish of the garage

    • GarageCars: Size of garage in car capacity

    • GarageArea: Size of garage in square feet

    • GarageQual: Garage quality

    • GarageCond: Garage condition

    • PavedDrive: Paved driveway

    • WoodDeckSF: Wood deck area in square feet

    • OpenPorchSF: Open porch area in square feet

    • EnclosedPorch: Enclosed porch area in square feet

    • 3SsnPorch: Three season porch area in square feet

    • ScreenPorch: Screen porch area in square feet

    • PoolArea: Pool area in square feet

    • PoolQC: Pool quality

    • Fence: Fence quality

    • MiscFeature: Miscellaneous feature not covered in other categories

    • MiscVal: $Value of miscellaneous feature

    • MoSold: Month Sold

    • YrSold: Year Sold

    • SaleType: Type of sale

    • SaleCondition: Condition of sale


    Using data from: House Prices: Advanced Regression Techniques

    2 attributes corrected from the description: KitchenAbvGr and BedroomAbvGr




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