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ChatGPT Twitter数据集 This dataset contains a collection of tweets with the hashtag #chatgpt. The tweets were scraped from Twitter and cover a...NLP Classification
0.4M 1162
Twitter-dataset 数据集 ICWSM 2010论文中的数据可从以下链接获得。我们的数据集已匿名化,以保护用户自己的隐私。我们只发布有关Twitter链接结构的信息...NLP Text
311.27M 1098
Twitter 社交数据集 This dataset consists of 'circles' (or 'lists') from Twitter. Twitter data was crawled from public sourc...NLP Classification
31.4M 866
Twitter情感分析训练语料库 推特情感分析数据集包含1,578,627条分类推文,每一行都被标记为1代表积极情感,0代表消极情感。我建议使用1/10的语料库来测试你...MNIST Classification
53.8M 602
阿拉伯语情绪分析数据集的Twitter数据集 N. A. Abdulla, naabdulla11 '@' Set Information:--- By using a tweet crawler, we collect 2000...Social Classification
265K 440
Twitter和Tom's Hardware社交媒体中的嗡嗡声预测数据集 This dataset contains two different social networks: Twitter, a micro-blogging platform with exponential growthand extre...Computer Regression
33.3M 407
俄罗斯twitter情绪 #数据集该数据集由THORODINOVICH创建,发布于CC0:Public Domain#Contents下。它包含以下文件:...Others Classification
18.9M 315
twitter vision2030数据集 该数据集代表与沙特阿拉伯2030年愿景相关的推特。它是用WebScraper从推特上刮下来的。io Chrome扩展,使用标签#vision\u 2030或#...Economics,Email and Messaging Classification
120K 267
俄罗斯大选2018 —twitter用户活动 #数据集该数据集由Boris Chumichev创建,发布于CC0:Public Domain#Contents下。它包含以下文件:...Others Classification
1.38G 275
glove.twitter.27B.200d.txt Others Classification
1962.27M 284
和Twitter网络 Others Classification
34.19M 272
GlobalWarmingTwitter Others Classification
1.57M 303
twitterword2vec Others Classification
4670.64M 248
Twitter用户2019年1月 Internet,Online Communities,Social Networks,Email and Messaging Classification
1.53M 228
#Twitter上的夏洛茨维尔 Internet,Online Communities,News,Politics,Linguistics Classification
177.51M 243
Twitter示例 Computer Science,Email and Messaging Classification
116.68M 197
0.1M 136
twitters中比特币数据集,包含XBT、比特币、BTC的推文 Streamed from twitters API, Collecting Tweets containing XBT, Bitcoin, BTCContentDateTime UsernameTextPolaritySensitivit...Earth and Nature,Currencies and Foreign Exchange Classification
331.49M 289
TwitterStreamingAPI公司 Internet Classification
217.33M 139
Twitter情绪分析数据集 ContextThe objective of this task is to detect hate speech in tweets. For the sake of simplicity, we say a tweet contain...Classification,Social Networks Classification
1.89M 466