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MultitaskPainting100k数据集 用于艺术风格AIGC生成 The dataset used for the evaluation of our multitask deep multibranch neural network has been obtained from the Painter...NLP,Arts and Entertainment,Art,RNN 2D Box,Classification
51.2G 369
FordMultiAV 福特多季节性自动驾驶数据集 We present a challenging multi-agent seasonal dataset collected by a fleet of Ford autonomous vehicles at different days...Vehicle,Autonomous Driving 2D Box Tracking
4.33G 576
Multi-Domain Sentiment Dataset--多域情感数据集 多域情感数据集包含从Amazon.com获取的许多产品类型(域)的产品评论。一些域名(书籍和DVD)有成千上万的评论。其他(乐器)只...NLP Text
1.53M 850
Multi-Camera Multi-Object Tracking: ICG Lab6 This dataset contains 6 indoor people tracking scenarios recorded at our laboratory using 4 static Axis P1347 cameras:Ch...Environment Audio,3D Box Tracking
585M 392
227M 491
Indoor Multi-Camera Pedestrian Datasets We provide several multi-camera dataset for detection and tracking of multiple pedestrians captured within our laborator...Action/Event Detection Pose,3D Box Tracking
451M 406
Person Re-ID (PRID) Dataset(Multi person trajectory camera) This dataset was created in co-operation with the Austrian Institute of Technology for the purpose of testing person re-...Action/Event Detection 3D Box Tracking
990M 466
Non-Invasive Multimodal Foetal ECG-Doppler Dataset The development of algorithms for the extractionof the foetal ECG (fECG) from non-invasive recordingsis hampered by the...Medical 2D Box,Classification
792.9M 517
MultiMNIST The MultiMNIST training and test dataset is generated by overlaying a digit on top of another digitfrom the same set (tr...MNIST Classification
43.31M 547
multiTimeline Others Classification
3K 272
ResNet34Multi1024 Others Classification
3166.17M 335
Multiple Light Source Others Classification
0 259
82.69M 267
MultiMNIST Others Classification
43.31M 296