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Sleep Bioradiolocation Database The database contains 32 records of non-contact sleep monitoring by a bioradar. The records are accompanied by results o...Person 2D Box,Classification
1.5G 372
Dog VS Cat 猫和狗数据集2 # DatasetThis dataset was created by Mahlet BorenaReleased under CC0: Public Domain# ContentsIt contains the following f...Animal Classification
133.2M 384
CatsNDogs #数据集此数据集由Mohsin Hayat创建#Contents它包含以下文件:Version1(81.62 MB)arrow_drop_downfolderCatsandDogsarrow_rightf...Animal Classification
157M 306
catdogdifferenciator Animal Classification
217.95M 241
catsdogs # 数据集这个数据集是由 Amrendra 创建的 # 内容它包含以下文件:...Animal Classification
457M 233
House-Price-Sales-Predication Business,Religion and Belief Systems Classification
0.05M 216
Cat图像测试 Arts and Entertainment Classification
0.18M 219
森林覆盖cat特征 Animal Classification
1K 204
CAT扫描定位 Earth and Nature,Health,Biology,Image Data,Animals,Computer Vision,Healthcare Classification
77.74M 322
偏置介质 CAT News,Politics,Linguistics Classification
72.32M 215
狗 Vscats Arts and Entertainment Classification
545.42M 186 Animal Classification
0.01M 282
Dogvscattest Animal Classification
0.01M 143
DogvsCattrain Animal Classification
0.91M 138
srcatch与否 Animal Classification
94.93M 109
dogscats fastai Animal Classification
818.25M 156
Catatan Cakrawala模型 Business,Clothing and Accessories,Image Data,NLP Classification
1595.43M 155
102 Category Flower Others Classification
2.51G 280
17 Category Flower Others Classification
150.34M 252
Dogs vs. Cats Others Classification
813.56M 284