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食物图片,从苹果派到华夫饼的 101 个类别中的标签食品图像数据 OverviewThe dataset contains a number of different subsets of the full food-101 data. The idea is to make a more excitin...Business,Earth and Nature,Food,Multiclass Classification,Cooking and Recipes Classification
5.3G 362
ucf101数据集下载 UCF-101 是从 YouTube 收集的具有 101 个动作类别的数据集,它是具有 50 个动作类别数据集 UCF-50 的扩展。UCF-10 数据集具有 10...Action/Event Detection Classification
30G 585
101个类别的西餐食物图片数据集 Action/Event Detection Classification
5G 438
ArT场景文本数据集 包括10166幅图像 ArT数据集将包括10166幅图像。它被分为一个包含5603张图像的训练集和一个包含4563张图片的测试集。 ArT是Total Text[4]、SCUT-CT...OCR/Text Detection,Action/Event Detection,Image Data Classification
5.59G 791
道奇环形传感器数据集,洛杉矶101北高速公路的Glendale入口匝道收集 Data Set Information:This loop sensor data was collected for the Glendale on ramp for the 101 North freeway in Los Angel...N/A N/A
164K 532
101种食物的图片 This is the Food 101 dataset, also available from contains imag...Business Classification
4.69G 341
IPE101学生评分 Business,Education Classification
0M 247
893.83M 232
893.83M 253
Bhagavad-g& # x12B; t # x101; Religion and Belief Systems,Linguistics,Languages Classification
0.34M 228
resnet101权重特遣部队 Others Classification
170.41M 276
caltech101 # Dataset 这个数据集是由 Anil Thota 创建的 # 内容它包含以下文件:...Others Classification
275M 254
MFC数据编译20181014 Transportation Classification
1.08M 248
ig resnext101 32x32 Others Classification
1789.64M 190
高度重量单变量数据 101 系列 1.0 Earth and Nature Classification
0M 172
SE-ResNet-50、101 和 152 在 ImageNet 上 Deep Learning,CNN Classification
513.31M 253
ucf101 Others Classification
6860.09M 127
893.87M 120
893.88M 136
459.63M 113