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    Richard D. Gill, Mathematical Institute, Leiden University. gill '@' The data was obtained from the hospital (as well as data from many other hospitals) through Freedom of Information Requests and played a role in an attempt to get the case (Ben Geen was given a life sentence) re-opened.

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    Cardio, Resp, Hypo are monthly numbers of transfers from Emergency Room into Critical Care classified in three exclusive categories at Horton General Hospital. Adm is the monthly total number of patients entering Emergency Room. In February 2004 nurse Ben Geen was arrested, accused of deliberately harming 18 patients in the 3 months December 2003 - February 2004. He later got a life sentence and is still in jail.

    The three categories are Cardio-respiratory arrest, Respiratory arrest, Hypoglycaemic arrest. The data has been analysed in a paper presently under preparation [Web link] and the data of other hospitals was analysed in  [Web link]

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    Please read the cited papers

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    [Web link]
    [Web link]

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    Reference the two mentioned papers. The newer one should be appearing on arXiv later this year.