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Energy,Weather and Climate,Electricity,Categorical Data Classification

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    * 以上分析是由系统提取分析形成的结果,具体实际数据为准。

    Context It's important to understand when and why outages occur, as energy is one of the most important resources we have. Content The dataset contains outage data from year 2000 up until 2014, with the following information: - Event Description: Reason of the outage (e.g. Vandalistm, Severe Weather, etc) - Year: Year of the outage (e.g. 2014) - Month: Month of the outage (e.g. November) - Date Event Began: Date of the outage (e.g. 11/13/2017) - Time Event Began: Time the outage was registered (e.g. 15:05:00) - Date of Restoration: Date the outage was resolved - Time of Restoration: Time the outage was resolved - Respondent: The company that acted upon the outage - Geografic Area: Region of the outage (e.g. Missisippi, Texas, New York, Salt Lake City, etc) - NERG Region: (NERC refers to the __[North American Electricity Reliability Corporation](, formed to ensure the reliability of the grid). - Demand Loss (MW): How much energy was not transmited/consumed during the outage. - Number of customers affected: How many consumers (e.g. homes, offices, industry, etc) were left to their devices. - Tags: Summary event description (e.g. wild fire, vandalism, severe weather) Inspiration When looking at this dataset, one can raise several questions: - What causes outages? - What are the most common causes? - Where and when is it more common? - When is it more impactful? With that, perhaps, the biggest question of all can be answered: what could be done to improve the situation? Acknowledgements This data was compiled by the reporter __[Jordan Wirfs-Brock]( and the original post can be found at The source material is publicly available at



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