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Facebook圈子数据集 This dataset consists of 'circles' (or 'friends lists') from Facebook. Facebook data was collected from...NLP Classification
1M 1086
Facebook化妆品品牌相关数据集 Created by: S??rgio Moro, Paulo Rita and Bernardo Vala (ISCTE-IUL) @ 2016Data Set Information:The data is related to pos...Business Regression
15.9K 371
Facebook泰国实时卖家数据集 Nassim Dehouche, Mahidol University International College, nassim.deh '@' mahidol.eduData Set Information:The va...Business Clustering
358K 422
Facebook大页面网络数据集 Benedek Rozemberczkibenedek.rozemberczki '@' gmail.comThe University of EdinburghData Set Information:Node featu...Social Classification
1.7M 329
Facebook评论数据集 Data Set Information:The Dataset is uploaded in ZIP format. The dataset contains 5 variants of the dataset, for the deta...Social Regression
18.2M 534
GEMSEC Facebook公司边缘数据集 Social Networks Classification
0.52M 305
GEMSEC Facebook数据集 Computer Science,Internet,Social Networks Classification
9.03M 468
FaceBook-Dummy Social Networks Classification
5.81M 299
Facebook免疫接种的数据集 # 数据集这个数据集是由 Alec Helyar 在数据文件下发布的...Medical Classification
234.17M 256
Facebook数据 Social Networks Classification
4.98M 250
特拉维夫在 Facebook 上的子帖子 Business,Internet Classification
2.75M 238
Facebook 广告活动 Internet,Social Networks,Data Analytics,Marketing Classification
0.09M 229
Facebook 名字与计数 Social Science,Social Networks Classification
69.75M 230
带计数的 Facebook 姓氏 Social Science,Social Networks Classification
87.43M 223
Facebook 数据 Social Networks Classification
0.04M 257
Facebook 股票 2012 - 2018 Investing Classification
0.41M 396
Facebook数据,探索性数据分析,从Facebook的数据集中获得洞察力 This exploratory data analysis gives insights from Facebook dataset which consists of identifying users that can be focu...Business,Exploratory Data Analysis,Social Networks Classification
4.98M 239
Facebook 数据集 Others Classification
5.07M 245
Facebook 关键字提取竞赛 Social Networks Classification
9171.41M 321
Facebook 数据 1.xlsx Others Classification
2.4M 237