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乳腺组织病理学图像数据集,198,738 个 IDC(-) 图像补丁, 78,786 个 IDC(+) 图像补丁 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) is the most common subtype of all breast cancers. To assign an aggressiveness grade to a...Health,Image Data,Cancer,Binary Classification,Medicine Classification
3.12G 882
人群癌症数据集,包含疾病类型、位置和患者组织的图像上所有注释的列表数据 Many Cancers routinely identified by imaging haven’t yet benefited from recent advances in computer science. Approaches...Health,Cancer,Medicine,Crowdfunding Classification
9.4G 408
肝癌患者生存数据集,根据欧洲肝脏研究协会-欧洲癌症研究和治疗组织临床实践指南选择的49个特征 Data Set Information:HCC数据集是在葡萄牙的一所大学医院获得的,包括165名确诊为HCC的真实患者的人口统计学、风险因素、实验室...Life Classification
12K 456
乳腺组织数据集,可用于预测原始6类或4类的分类 Data Set Information:阻抗测量在以下频率下进行:15.625、31.25、62.5、125、250、500和1000 KHz在以下频率下对新鲜切除的乳腺...Life Classification
85K 481
结肠组织 Others Classification
417.61M 217
组织学图像识别细胞核,组织学图像数据集 Machine learning model for identifying cell nuclei from histology images. The model having the ability to generaliz...Beginner,Data Visualization,Computer Science,Health,Image Data,CNN,Biology Classification
387.42M 216
曹哺乳动物组织发生 GSE119945 Biology Classification
3872.29M 223
预期寿命(世卫组织 Health,Social Science,Data Cleaning,Global Classification
0.32M 286
组织花数据集 Plants,Earth and Nature Classification
260.31M 103
2016年经合组织税负 Others Classification
2K 131
预期寿命(世卫组织 Health,Social Science,Healthcare,Data Cleaning,Global Classification
0.32M 168
世卫组织自杀统计 Social Science,Demographics,Mortality Classification
1.77M 208
大学课程、年级和组织数据 Universities and Colleges Classification
7.48M 147
世卫组织数据 Others Classification
0.02M 116
非盟驻苏特派团粮农组织作物生产 CRSW Business,Finance,Economics,Demographics Classification
3.04M 215
0.95M 124
结肠直肠组织学 MNIST Earth and Nature,Arts and Entertainment,Education,Health,Biology,Cancer,Image Data Classification
1170.86M 315
世卫组织世界死亡率数据集 Social Science Classification
9.57M 149
自动非刚性组织学配准 Others Classification
269.32M 95
到2060年的GDP预测,经合组织国家和世界 Business,Social Science Classification
0.21M 143