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广陈皮三维荧光光谱数据集 在2021年采集了2012、2015、2019年的广陈皮三维荧光光谱,在广陈皮正面和反面分别取点,每一年份在正面和反面分别采集两组数据,...Medicine Text
1.63M 356
IIIT 5K word数据集,包含广告牌、招牌、门牌号、门牌、电影海报等查询词 The IIIT 5K-word dataset is harvested from Google image search. Query words like billboards, signboard, house numbers, h...NLP Classification
101M 423
ADS-16计算广告数据集,由120位不熟悉的人投票选出的300个真实广告集合 In the last decade, new ways of shopping online have increased the possibility of buying products and services more easi...Business,Marketing Classification
1.5G 381
来自广泛传感器网络的空气质量数据 在过去,克拉科夫这座古城被称为波兰的首都。2000年,它被称为官方的欧洲文化之都。现在,它因拥有欧洲最污染的空气而闻名.........Environment,Atmospheric Science,Pollution Classification
2.28M 642
微软全国广播公司匿名Web数据集 A set of three artificial domains over the same attribute space; Used to test a wide range of induction algorithms...N/A Classification
0M 240
Internet广告数据集,预测图像是否为广告或非广 Data Set Information:This dataset represents a set of possible advertisements on Internet pages. The features encode the...Computer Classification
264K 323
NTSB事故报告 ntsb-accident-reports的数据集数据结构:Text-data.json...News Classification
20.18M 311
广告和预测销售 广告和预测销售的数据集数据结构为:Advertising.csv...Business Classification
2.33K 390
广告和销售 广告和销售的数据集数据结构为:Advertising.csv...Business Classification
2K 451
社交网络的广 社交网络的广告的数据集数据结构为:Social_Network_Ads.csv...Others Classification
3K 276
玩转文字分类广告,文本分类广告的分类数据集 ContextWe need to categorize ads automatically sinse many times it is not provided by external data sources.Contentcatid...Business,Real Estate Classification
250.73M 352
kiva增广数据 Others Classification
249.31M 260
2010-2017年剑桥撞车数据 News Classification
3.12M 269
喷泉 News Classification
0M 234
0.3M 229
哈萨克斯坦近6000个广告的雇佣者数据集 ContextEmployment dataset of Kazakshtan, parsed in local cite Content5 columnsInspirationI want to see some statistics a...Business,Computer Science,Programming,Employment Classification
0.7M 273
81.2M 254
广东round1 Others Classification
2503.73M 352
广告数据 Business Classification
5K 246
TamilNews-7M News Classification
1938.41M 218